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“I like to offer different breads each day, but always produce a crusty malted granary, a farmhouse white and French sticks of each type that we use in our sandwiches,” says James Barton, co-proprietor of the Ravenstone Deli and chief baker.  All of our bread is made using our live fermented starter.
Date & Walnut, Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic and Kalamata Olive are some of our popular Speciality Breads.
Chemical and additive free
“I do not use chemicals, raising agents, preservatives, or any gm products in my bread.  I avoid cheap or over-processed ingredients like margarine, corn syrup, or rapeseed oil,” says James.

“I use unbleached white/granary flour, organic treacle, sea salt, butter, milk, sugar, water, sunflower oil and fresh yeast - that’s it,” he says.
“Because we don’t use high speed mixers and fast proving methods our dough has much longer to develop its flavour and texture.  Our bread therefore requires much less salt and sugar that commercially made varieties, so it’s better for you,” explains James.
James starts mixing yeast and water at 5 am to create our freshly made bread  - we do not use a frozen product that needs to be ‘freshly baked’.  Here he explains the process and the ethos behind it.