Local .
Provenance and Variety

We offer free range pork from Gillian Smith at New Galloway.  Our organic beef and lamb Lamb come frome Neil Hannay at Castle Douglas.  During summer months we also have Neil Armstrongs salt-marsh lamb from  Wigtown Bay.  We make our own Sausages, Black Pudding and Haggis to traditional recipes using fresh herbs and spices.  We also cure our own hams, bacon and pastrami in Nancy’s secret live brine cure.
All of our Poultry is Scottish and we offer free range chickens and eggs from  local farmers Bill & Gillian.  We stock Jim Monks Ayreshire Kelly Bronze Turkeys for christmas, easter and thanksgiving..
Because the meat we sell is reared to high welfare standards and is not prematurely slaughtered it has more time to develop a depth of flavour.  Our meat is much leaner than that supplied by supermarkets and contains much more natural flavour, therefore much less salt and fat is required to season it.  
Unlike supermarkets we do not add any water to our cooked or cured meats.
The Butcher opened in May 2007.  Like the rest of our business the aim is to supply good quality local produce at affordable prices.  

We now supply our Local meats and home cured products mail order call James on 01988 500329 to find out more.

Fed up with buying sausages that have more stuff in them than meat?  Why not try ours...  We use at least 75% meat, our own bread, and a seasonal combination of fresh herbs, spices and seasoning and a little water to bind.  Our sausage cases are totally natural.